Filmmaker, 3D and VFX

Hello there! I am Jorge Bouza, a spanish filmmaker specialized in post-production and visual effects, although throughout my career I have produced, directed or written more than a hundred audiovisual pieces including short films, music videos, advertising, documentaries and some feature films. On this presentation page you can see some of my work and if you want to dig a little deeper I invite you to take a look at my portfolio, demo reel or the section “About me“, where I tell you a little more about my life and career. If you think that my profile fits with what you are looking for your project, I will be happy to know who you are and what you need. You can contact me without any commitment and I will answer you as soon as possible with the greatest of illusions.

Featured Projects

Winter is Coming” is an advertising short film directed by Javier Fesser. It’s a parody of the popular TV series “Game of Thrones”, winner of best advertising in 2017’s Galician Film Academy Awards.

My job was to design and plan the visual effects for the spot, supervise everything related to chroma keys and other elements related to the visual effects of the spot and finally the creation of simulations, animation and the final compositions of all the shots with visual effects. If you want to see more examples of my work, I recommend you take a look at my portfolio or my demo reel.

“Scienstars” is an educational science fiction series created and produced in the United States. It is mainly aimed at children and young people, but anyone can enjoy it. Its objective, among others, is to explore scientific concepts through fiction in a entertainment TV series. On its website you can check all the information related to it.

My job for Scienstars was to create all the environments and virtual objects in 3D for the pilot episode of the series using as a guide both the concept art for the series and the advice coming from its creator. In addition to this I also did some simulations like the one we can see in the video on the left, where thousands of enemy objects move in formation using an AI system.

Bedroom Waltz” uses as a base a 3D scene of an interior created by me for an architectural firm in New York. From that scene I reconstructed all the materials to accommodate them to the PBR standard.Then I migrated all the objects from Blender to the well-known video game engine Unreal Engine 4. Finally I did create the animation that you can see in the video with a render time less than ten minutes instead of almost one hundred hours that the original version created with Blender would have taken.

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