Hi! My name is Jorge Bouza and I am a spanish filmmaker. For many years I was a partner in a small audiovisual production company, which led me to play many roles in the world of audiovisual creation. To date I have written, directed and produced more than a hundred audio-visual pieces of all shapes and sizes.

Since ten years ago I have worked almost exclusively in the wonderful world of freelance. I’m specialized in what is my true passion in this world and that’s post-production, which doesn’t mean that I have stopped enjoying as a child working on a film shooting because, after all, I’m a man of action.

I usually deal with stress situations (deadlines and others) using my unbreakable (ahem!) Sense of humor. I think that my love of water sports such as surfing, bodyboarding, kayak-surf and other variations has made me unsinkable.

Apart from my work another of my great passions are animals, especially dogs. For some reason we tend to get along and understand each other. Part of my life I share with a hairy greyhound that has taught me what are some of the best things in life. I am also a great fan of science fiction in all its forms, especially in literature (after all I have spent my life devouring book after book).

PS: As soon as I find a photo of myself better than the image I put on the left of this text, I promise to change it. :-)